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claimsquoter.co.uk is an online referral and introducer of claims regulated products, Payment Protection Insurance, Package Bank Account Claims, Flight Reclaim and Road Traffic Accident Claims. We provide a referral service to named claims regulated companies for the processing of claims based on the information provided through this website.

The terms claimsquoter.co.uk or 'us' or 'we' refers to the owner of the website. The term 'you' refers to the user or viewer of our website. The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

Veriform Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities our registration number is CRM40225

Any information featured on claimsquoter.co.uk or accessed via links from the web is not considered to be advice of any kind from Veriform Ltd.

Any complaints that arise from contact originating from communication from a named company or third party on this site is the responsibility of Veriform Ltd should be communicated via our complaint procedure stated on our site.

Any acceptance of a third party’s terms and conditions or privacy policy is not accordance to Veriform Ltd and independent advice is recommended before entering any third party terms and conditions or privacy policies.

We do not charge a fee for this service, but we do receive a commission directly from named claims regulated companies following the successful introduction of enquiries through this site.

Definition of terms

‘No Win, No Fee’ - in the event that our partners advise you that we are unable to assist you in pursuing any claim(s), no fee will be payable by you provided that you have not breached your duties set out at paragraph 3. However, in accordance with paragraphs 5(C) and 5(D), the ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy may not apply if you or our subcontractors cancels the services after you have been awarded compensation from your creditor(s).

“No Obligation” - Under Claims Management Services Regulation rules you have a right to cancel your agreement with any company we refer you to at any time. If you cancel your agreement within 14 days of entering into it you will owe nothing.

If you cancel your agreement with any company we refer you to more than 14 days after entering into it you may be liable to pay a fee if, at the time of cancellation an award of compensation is or has been made to you by any creditor which a company that we have referred you to has dealt with on your behalf in accordance with Client Specific Rule 16 of the CAPR. This applies even if you cancel this agreement before you have decided to accept an award of compensation.

“Our partners ensure you do not need to deal with the hassle and bother of negotiating with your bank” Our sub-contractors will make statutory requests (or similar) to each of your creditors to obtain information about all of your credit card, loan, mortgage, hire purchase agreements or packaged bank account(s) (“PBA”) and your associated payment history and review them, together with any documentation you may have provided to them, to determine whether a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy was sold alongside them or whether you have been paying for a PBA. If our subcontractors review indicates that any PPI or PBA products were sold to you, they will contact you to discuss the circumstances surrounding the sale of them.

Where our subcontractors believe that a PPI policy or PBA may have been mis-sold to you, they will prepare a detailed claim and present it to your creditor(s). Thereafter, our subcontractor will correspond and negotiate with your creditor(s) to obtain compensation* for you, consisting of a reimbursement of any PPI premiums or PBA charges paid on those agreements plus statutory interest. However, in establishing the existence of a PPI policy or PBA, our subcontractors do not warrant that your creditor(s) has or have necessarily mis-sold any policy or account to you.

“Free Quote”. Our subcontractors may offer a free quote service. Where this is offered they would require you to return your signed Letter(s) of Authority and they will carry out their free check process to determine whether or not you have in fact paid for mis-sold PPI on your accounts (they will check all accounts held, past or current with this Bank/Lender where possible). If they are able to locate mis-sold PPI on your accounts, you are under no obligation to proceed with our subcontractor. Whether this free quote service is offered will be explained to you by our subcontractor during the initial fact find phone call.

Last Updated: September 2017